Saturday, August 29, 2009



If you know me and haven't heard, I have deactivated my facebook account. It was necessary. So, this means I'll have to update this thing more and my twitter; which, I now do with text messaging because I'm 'oh so witty.' Anyway, first thing is first. I am in a play with Sundown Theater in Denton, TX. I was actually shanghaied into a role by my best friend Rhonda. I am, of course, playing a black man. Apparently, one named Tom with an oddly shaped penis. It's discussed at great length in the play. Anyway, this play is called Rabbit by Nina Raines and I get to speak in a generic brit accent which is quite lovely. We open September 17th I believe.
Next, today I went to Six Flags with my mother and sister to celebrate her 48th birthday. It was a lovely and tiring day; although, I apparently had lost my stomach of steal and felt ill after several different rides. I never expelled the contents of my stomach, but sometimes I felt like it.
I think that's a good enough up date. CALL ME! lol

The Contridiction

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