Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I fail at short with it.
Anyway, I finally came to grips with something about myself. A lot of my failed relationships failed (on my part) from a combination of rabid romanticism, lack of self-esteem, and just liking feeling like I'm all "in love."
I call the romanticism rabid because it has gotten kind of ridiculous (as if the movement was not already a bit ridiculous, but more on that later) how much everyone lifts up Eros, or romantic love. I think it plays into the personality of this sort of love. Eros is the most boastful of all the loves. It is the weakest and most fleeting as well. The oaths one makes while being "in love" can be the most easy to break once the feeling subsides. The fact is, the feeling that inspires you to profess a never-ending love will not last. Sometimes, you will feel very out of love and even entertain those feelings for another person (this is sometimes how cheating happens, though I'd say lust is to blame more than love in most cases or at least the confusion of between the two). Fact.
Now, I've known this for a while, but still have not fully grasped the fact that for any long-term relationship or marriage to work Charity must take its place. This isn't Charity in the sense of someone giving to a less fortunate person, but rather something else entirely. Something, admittedly, I do not fully understand. I do know that Charity is what forces Eros to keep its promises.

I was gonna really write about this...but got distracted and lost my way. I'll try again later hahah.

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